Welcome to the Credit Management Research Centre. The CMRC was established at Leeds University Business School in 1998, with funding from the Institute of Credit Management, commercial sponsors from the credit industry and government departments. CMRC has enjoyed ten years of continual support from the credit profession and government. The unique focus of CMRC is to engage in a research program that combines academic rigour with practitioner and policy relevance. CMRC's mandate, to create and disseminate knowledge, goes hand in hand with building strong relationships with the credit industry and policy makers. Given our location in the fastest growing credit and financial services centre in the UK, it stands to reason that we consider industry partnerships as a critical factor in our commitment to dynamic and relevant research, innovative teaching, and exceptional post graduate courses.

"Recent worldwide events have demonstrated that Credit Management Research could not be more topical nor important than it is today. This leading edge team will continue to make key advances that will inform industry and have a global impact"
Professor Michael Arthur,
Vice-Chancellor, University of Leeds

Recent News And Events

Alternative Finance for Business: Crowd Funding Conference

The RebuildingSociety conference in Leeds was well attended by businesses and investors

Study on Family Business Survival widely reported

  research by Nick Wilson (CMRC) and coauthors Mike Wright (Imperial College) and Louise Scholes (Durham) was reported in the press (example below)  

Board Diversity

Over the past few years, there has been growing momentum in Europe pushing mandatory quotas for women in the public arena but also on the boards of private companies USA Today