Student Comments 2013-14  ‘MSc Financial Econometrics’

    •     “Kind and enthusiastic teacher.
    •      This module has been very interesting and exciting. Most of the grey areas in econometrics and financial modelling were well explained with        practical implications and industry relevance.
    •       I particularly enjoy the seminars and practical section.
    •      The lecturer is fantastic.
    •      Just pick this module – it rocks!
    •     Attend it. You’ll never regret it!
    •     Really like Prof Wilson! Very good professor.
    •     Teaching was a good standard in both classes and lectures.
    •     Different setup to other modules – lecturer knew his stuff.
    •     The professor is very nice, very patient.
    •     Teaching is high standard.
    •     Professor Wilson if of high qualification and we can see how enthusiastic he is engaging the class.
    •     This module is very useful to act as a tool for analyising financial data.
    •     Everything is good.
    •     The module teaching was of a really high standard.
    •     Very good lecturer! Very useful lecture! “


Student Comments 2012-3

“The professor’s teaching is really great!” ; “The content of this module is comprehensive and practical”;   “Content was relevant and interesting”;   “Very good module, Mr Wilson explained the topics clearly and inspirationally”;   “This module is very important for those seriously thinking and planning to have a career in finance, and it should be offered to all finance majors”;   “Prof. Nick Wilson is an excellent teacher with obviously great knowledge in his field”;   “I like this module using software to analyse econometrics problems”. “The module was intellectually stimulating, learnt a lot of topics that are directly related to my programme and enhanced my knowledge of finance”.


‘Financial Analysis and Modelling’ – Financial Econometrics for Finance and Credit (MSc Program,  Semester 1)

‘Consumer and Corporate Credit’  Summer Module (MSc Program, Summer Module)

‘Current Issues in Finance’ (Msc Program)

Courses in credit management at Leeds University Business School are informed by our research and the close connections with credit industry practitioners

Courses cover  risk modelling and PD estimation (Advanced IRB standards) using advanced statistical techniques and software.