Press Releases

The Credit Management Research Centre (CMRC) was established at Leeds University Business School in 1998, with funding from the Institute of Credit Management, commercial sponsors from the credit industry and government departments. CMRC has enjoyed ten years of continual support from the credit profession and government. The mission of CMRC is “to establish a leading and internationally recognized centre for research, education and expertise in the management of corporate lending, business-to-business trade and consumer credit”. Recognizing the important role of knowledge transfer activities, the research program combines academic rigour with practitioner and policy relevance. CMRC was the winner of the ESRC award for “the best application of management or social science” in the 2007 National Knowledge Transfer Partnership Awards. Professor Wilson was awarded a Leeds University ‘Certificate of Outstanding Achievement’ for ‘Academic Excellence in Enterprise and Knowledge Transfer’ in 2006. CMRC set up the University spin-out company, CreditScorer Ltd, ( which was acquired by Bisnode AB in 2007.

The CMRC has the support of a highly qualified and skilled research team and provides a first-rate research environment and resource for academics, Doctoral students and practitioners. The strategy of the CMRC is to develop a distinctive international profile through links with the industrial and commercial sector and governments, coupled with a strong academic publication record. Our objective is to involve academic scholars, indeed the world’s experts, to come together in a series of research collaborations as well as specialized symposia and larger conferences to explore the many complex dimensions of credit granting, management and the functioning of credit markets. We plan to continue to assemble large and important set of databases to support our research and to convene relevant and important conferences on a regular basis. The research faculty at CMRC is uniquely qualified to lead these efforts, and we invite practitioners as well as academic scholars to join us in our endeavour. In order to achieve our objectives CMRC is currently developing a new research program for 2009-2014 and is inviting potential sponsors.