1) Recently Published

Brexit, Private Equity and Management, (with M Wright, K Amess, J Gilligan and N Bacon) British Journal of Management, Forthcoming.

The Importance of Family Firm Trusts in Family Firm Governance (with L Scholes), Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Volume 38, Issue 6, November 2014, Pages: 1285–1293, 2014 DOI: 10.1111/etap.12124.

The Evolution of Private Equity: Corporate Restructuring in the UK, c.1950-2010 (with S Toms and M Wright), Business History, Volume 57 Issue 5, Pages 736-768, 2015.

Sovereign Credit Rating and the New EU member States, (with M Kacer and P Ochotnicky) Journal of Credit Risk, Volume 10 Number 4 , 2014.

Creation and Destruction’ in Transition Economies: SME Sector in Slovakia (with M Kacer and P Ochotnicky), International Small Business Journal, Vol 34, No 5, 2016.

The Effect of Internationalization on Modeling Credit Risk for SMEs: Evidence from UK Market (with J Gupta) Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, Volume 31, July 2014 pages 397-413.

Effects of Alternative Investments on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth, Managerial and Decision Economics Special Issue (Editor, with D Siegel, P Klein and M Wright), Vol 35 Issue 2 p67-72 2014.

Financial Restructuring and Recovery in Private Equity Buyouts: The UK Evidence (with M Wright and R Cressy), Venture Capital: An International Journal, Volume 6 Issue 2 Pages 109-129, 2014

The Value of Operating Cash Flow in Modelling Credit Risk for SME’s, (with J Gupta, A Gregoriou and J Healy). Applied Financial Economics 2015, Volume 24, Number 9, Pages 649-660.

Improving the Bankruptcy Prediction in Micro-entities by using Non-linear Effects and Non-financial Variables (with A Blanco), Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, Volume 65, Issue 2 Pages 144-166, 2015.


2) Working Papers

The Initial Discount for New Audit Engagements: Case of UK 1998-2012
(with M Kacer)

The Impact of Financial and Product Market Innovation on the Nature of Entrepreneurship: A Historical Perspective (with S Toms and M Wright)

Audit Fees, Auditor Switching and Competition in the UK Auditor Market: An Analysis of UK Companies (1998-2012) (with M Kacer)

Ethnic and Gender Diversity: An Exploratory Analysis of UK Directorships

Private Equity Targets and Post Investment Performance in the Northern Regions, February 2016 (with Mike Wright)


3) Reports and Impact Case

The Equity Gap in the UK and Knowledge Intensive Firms, Report prepared for HM Treasury and HMRC, June 2015 (with Mike Wright).

Private Equity Targets and Post Investment Performance in the Northern Regions, Report prepared for the British Venture Capital Association, February 2016 (with Mike Wright).

Private Equity Portfolio Companies and Export Performance, Report prepared for the British Venture Capital Association, February 2016 (with Mike Wright).

Engines of Growth: Private Equity and Productivity Potential in the North, British Venture Capital Association, Research Report, July 2016.

Outputs for REF Assessment (2008 – 2013)

Buyouts Private Equity and Insolvency Risk (with M Wright), Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 2013 Vol 40. Issue 7-8 pp. 949-900. doi: 10.1111/jbfa.12042

Private Equity Portfolio Company Performance During The Global Recession (with M Wright, D Siegel and L Scholes) Journal of Corporate Finance, 2012, 18, 193-205 (4*)

Family Business Survival and the Role of Boards (with L Scholes and M Wright), Presented to ‘Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice’, Special Issue Conference, May 2012. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Volume 37 Issue 6 Pages 1369-1389, 2013 (4*), doi: 10.1111/etap.12071

Company Failure Prediction with Limited Information: Newly Incorporated Companies, (With A Altanlar), Journal of the Operations Research Society, Vol 65 pages 252-264 2013 doi:10.1057/jors.2013.31

Financial Distress and Bankruptcy Prediction amongst Listed Companies using Accounting, Market and Macroeconomic Variables (with Mario Hernandez), International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol 30. Pages 394-419, December 2013

(Most downloaded paper in 2014, top 3 in 2013, 2015)

The Survival of Newly Incorporated Companies and the Impact of Director Characteristics (with A Altanlar and M Wright), International Journal of Small Business, 2014, Vol 32 No 7 pages 733-758 doi:10.1177/0266242613476317

The value of non-financial information in small and medium-sized enterprise risk management (with E Altman and G Sabato), 2010, The Journal of Credit Risk. Vol 6. No. 2

Reports and Monographs

10. “The Equity Gap and Knowledge Intensive Firms” with Mike Wright (Imperial College). Report prepared for HM Treasury 2015.

9. “Past, Present and Future: The Comparative Performance and Sustainability of High Growth Firms in Wales and the UK Regions”, (with Evans, P., Mayer, A. and Ip, B.), Report Prepared for the Economics Division, Welsh Government, February 2013.

8. “A Convenient Truth: Private Equity and Portfolio Company Growth” (with Wright, M.), British Venture Capital Association, January 2013.

7. “Private Equity Portfolio Company Performance Through Time” (with Wright, M.), British Venture Capital Association, March 2012.

6. “Private Equity Performance During Recession” (with Wright, M. and Scholes, L.), British Venture Capital Association, March 2011.

5. “Equity Gap in the UK Venture Capital Industry”, (with Wright, M.), Report for the National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts (NESTA), June 2011.

4. “The Performance and Characteristics of Family Firms in the UK, 2006-2011”, (with Wright, M. and Scholes, L.), Institute for Family Business, February 2011.

3. “A Longitudinal Analysis of Business Performance, Financial Health and Growth Potential of SMEs in Wales”, (with Evans, P. and Altanlar, A.), Welsh Assembly, February 2010.

2. “Private Equity and Insolvency”, (with Wright, M. and Cressey, R.), British Venture Capital Association, March 2010.

1. “An Investigation into Payment Trends and Behaviour 1997-2007”, Policy Report published by BIS, 2008.